Why Choose Our Steel Barrels?

Steel Barrels for SaleSteel barrels are highly suited for commercial and industrial operations that durability and strength are significant. Some of the reasons why you should choose our steel drums include:

High Quality, Durable, and Strong

At Youngstown Barrel & Drum, we do not compromise on our integrity. Our steel barrels are made using high quality, durable steel materials. Hence, the barrels are very durable, reliable, and can withstand many harsh conditions.

Also, our steel drums can resist heat damage and blunt forces. Hence, steel barrels are the best for operations that require fire resistance and exposure to extreme weather conditions and temperature variances. No wonder they are suitable for a lot of commercial and industrial applications.

Suitable for Hazardous Materials

Storing or transporting hazardous materials requires adequate precaution. This is where our steel barrels excel. Our barrels meet UN certifications, industry standard and regulations for storing and shipping hazardous products.

Furthermore, these steel barrels features Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR) closure instructions. The HMR refers offerors of hazmat to consult the hazmat table in order to identify and select the proper package for the material being shipped. Our UN rated steel barrels offer maximum protection. Hence, they are certified for shipping hazardous materials.

Flexible and Versatile

Above all, our steel barrels are very versatile. They are suitable for different kinds of products. Whether you are storing, transporting, and containing dry, solid, liquid, or semi-liquid products, steel barrels may be perfect for your application. Even if you are storing hazardous and non-hazardous products, our steel drums can be your reliable companion.

At Youngstown Barrel & Drum, we offer you high-quality, strong, durable, industry standard steel barrels. Our steel drums are highly affordable. They come in different sizes, styles, and colors. We have 55 gallon steel drum, 110 gallon steel barrel, and 30 gallon steel drum. Be assured that these steel drums will serve your commercial and industrial needs for an extended period. Purchase one today! A trial will definitely convince you.