Uses for Lock-Rim Fiber Drums

Uses for Lock-Rim Fiber Drums

Uses for Lock Rim Fiber Drums

Lock-rim fiber drums are suitable for liquid, semi-liquid, dry, and solid applications. This variety of fiber drums feature a full open top that ensures quick filling and dispensing of products. Various companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food sector use these fiber drums to store or ship their products. Below are some of the Uses of Lock-Rim Fiber Drums.

To Package Products

Lock-rim fiber drums provide an excellent solution to package finished goods. When used for packaging, the lock-rim fiber drums will help to protect the product from becoming deformed or damaged. With this, you can save on loss due to damaged and returned goods.

To Contain Chemical Products

The majority of the raw material used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries are often hazardous. For safety and compliance reasons, always follow the hazmat table found in the HMR when selecting the appropriate package. The fiber drum can provide a suitable, safe, and secure way to store and ship both hazardous and non-hazardous products.

To Ship Products Safely

Your company is responsible for every product until it reaches the final consumer. During shipment, transport issues may cause some of your products to become damaged. Depending on the material being stored and shipped, Lock-rim fiber drums can be specified to be manufactured for heavy duty applications which makes them durable and sturdy. They can help shield the product from becoming damaged or deformed during shipment. With this, you can be confident that the product will reach your customer safely.

To Store Product

Lastly, lock-rim fiber drums can be used to store and ship different kinds of products. These fiber drums can be used to store and ship dry, solid, liquid, and semi-liquid products. The lock-rim helps to provide a tight secure seal. This can help prevent spillage or moisture from contaminating the content.

There you have it! The above are some of the uses of lock-rim fiber drums. Lock-rim fiber drums can be used to package, store, ship and contain products of different types. They come in various sizes, heights and diameters, etc. Contact us today at Youngstown Barrel & Drum to purchase high-quality lock-rim fiber drums for your commercial and industrial needs.