Steel Barrels

Steel Barrels for Sale

Steel Barrels for SaleYoungstown Barrel & Drum Co. is your one stop shop for all of your shipping container needs. We have an extensive inventory of drums or barrels and shipping containers. In addition, we have buckets and even environmental containment products and much more. Our steel drums are used for shipping and storing all kinds of liquids and solids. These steel barrels can resist extreme temperatures of -30° to 250° F. Our barrels are durable and sturdy and can reasonably handle any sort of job your need it to do for your business.

Our steel barrels comes in different sizes such as the:

  • 55 gallon Steel Drum
  • Steel Barrel 110 gallon
  • 30 Gallon Steel Drum

Each of those sizes come with the option of either an open top lid or a closed top lid. The open top lid features a removable top that comes with a bolt ring that wraps around the lip and attaches securely to the barrel. This is an excellent option when you need to pour items into the barrel, all while securely an attached top. The closed top features an 2” opening that is used for pouring while to its rear; there is ¾” opening that allows for ventilation. We recommend that for 30 gallon steel barrels and a 55 gallon steel barrels open top barrels that you use a round bottom drum liner or a molded poly drum liners. The molded poly drum liner is completely leak proof.

We also have Steel Barrel 110 Gallon, which can be used in a variety of applications. Our steel barrel 110 gallon comes with a lid and a bolt ring. We can construct our Steel Barrel 110 Gallon from carbon or stainless steel. Our steel barrel 110 gallon can be certified for hazardous duty, or can be produced unpainted and washed making it ideal for specialty applications where oil and grease contamination is a concern.

Round Bottom Drum Liner: A round bottom liner is a strong, circular bottom seal mold. This liner lines the shape of a 30 gallon steel barrel or a 55 gallon steel barrel. This is perfect for holding food products, powders, paint and even ink. This liner meets FDA and USDA standards.

Molded Poly Drum Liner: As mentioned, it this completely leak proof. The molded lip on top of this liner secures the liner in place. This fits 30 gallon steel barrels and 55 gallon steel barrels. This durable liner resists any mixing or pumping and will not crack or tear. It comes accordion shape and smooth.