For Ultra-Containment Berms

According to EPA guidelines, spills must be cleaned up within 24 hours and any secondary containment areas must be inspected once a week. The chart below lists chemical compatibility of XR5, Urethane, Copolymer 2000 and Polyethylene. The information has been developed from industry available data and offers compatibility based on exposure of one week or less.The rating system is indicated as:
A. Fluid has little or no effect at Room Temperature
B. Fluid has minor to moderate effect at Room Temperature
C. Fluid has severe effect at Room Temperature
Chemical XR-5 Urethane Copolymer 2000 Polyethylene
Kerosene A A A A
Diesel Fuel A A A A
Ohio Crude Oil A A A A
Hydraulic Fluid- Petroleum Based A A A A
Naptha A A A A
Conc. Ammonia Hydroxide A C A A
50% Acetic Acid C C C A
50% Phosphoric Acid A C A A
50% Hydrochloric Acid A C A A
50% Nitric C C C B
50% Sulfuric Acid A C A A
60% Sodium Hydroxide A C A A
Methyl Alcohol A A A A
JP-4 Jet Fuel A A A A
Salt Water 180°F A B A A
Phtlalate Plasticizers B A B A
SAE-30 Oil A A A A
Raw Linseed Oil A A A A