Reconditioned Steel Drums: The Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solution for Every Business

Reconditioned Steel DrumReconditioned steel drums are true green products that are designed with sustainability in mind. They are alternatives to new steel drums. During the reconditioning process of reconditioned steel barrels, the former contents and exterior coatings are removed. They are then re painted, and reassembled to meet customer specs.  With this, you are left with eco-friendly steel barrels, eliminating the solid waste by not land filling them.

In addition, reconditioned steel drums are one of the most reliable, versatile, and safest containers for both commercial and industrial applications.  The interior portion of the drums have been cleaned, repaired, repainted, and can be treated for corrosion resistance. Thus, they can be used to store both raw materials and finished products, without any fear of rust contaminating its content if treated appropriately. Reconditioned steel barrels are available in 55-gallon sizes.

Reduce Waste and Pollution

One of the primary advantages of reconditioned steel drums is that they are environmentally friendly. Unlike new steel drums, these recycled steel barrels generate about 68% less carbon dioxide. This is good for the environment. Also, reconditioned steel drums reduce the quantity of raw and finished materials required for manufacturing new steel drums. With this, waste and environmental pollution can be reduced.

Reduce Cost of Packaging

Businesses are often in search of ways to reduce expenses. An excellent way to achieve this is by making use of reconditioned steel drums to package, store, and ship goods and products. These recycled drums are usually less expensive compared with the cost of new steel drums. Nonetheless, they offer the similar durability, strength, and longevity. By purchasing recycled steel drums appropriately suited to the application, you can reduce operating costs without sacrificing performance.

Meet Industry Regulation and Standards

What’s more, reconditioned steel drums are one of the commercial and industrial packaging materials that are UN approved. These packaging solutions can meet certain industry regulations and standards. They can also meet some similar UN certifications as do new steel drums based on the application.

They are reliable and versatile. The proven performance of these reconditioned steel drums can make them suitable as a packaging solution for both commercial and industrial applications. Even if you need to transport or store hazardous materials, reconditioned steel barrels can get the task done exceptionally.

Contact us today at Youngstown Barrel & Drum to buy quality, strong, and durable reconditioned steel barrels. Our recycled drums are available in different colors in the 55 gallon size. These reconditioned steel drums can serve your commercial and industrial needs excellently.