Reconditioned Steel Drums

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Reconditioned Steel Drums vs. New Steel Drums

Reconditioned Steel DrumSteel drums are highly suited for commercial and industrial operations that require strength and durability. New steel drums are made using high quality, durable steel materials. Hence, the new steel drums are very durable, reliable, and can withstand even the harshest conditions.

However, reconditioned steel drums can be rebuilt and or refurbished steel drum with all former contents and corrosion removed. The interior of the reconditioned steel drum has also been treated for corrosion resistance. They are also available in 55-gallon sizes.

Below is a comparison between reconditioned steel drums and new steel drums:


Reconditioned steel drums are a true green product. These 55 gallon steel drums help the environment by reducing the amount of solid waste disposed of in landfills. Reconditioned steel drums also helps conserve the amount of virgin steel used for manufacturing new steel drums. Compared with brand new steel drums reconditioned steel drums generate about 68% less carbon dioxide.

Drum Varieties

Like new steel drums, reconditioned steel drums are available in open-head and tight-head. The open-head steel drums feature heavy or light bolt, lever lock as well as side lock rings. These will help secure the product inside the drum in much the same way as new drums

Paint and Lining Colors

Reconditioned steel drums feature customizable paint and lining colors. The drum is offered in carbon steel . Reconditioned 55-gallon steel drum can be lined with the same or similar epoxy phenolic linings as new drums. Unlined drums can be sprayed with interior rust inhibitors as well.

Cost of Packaging

Reconditioned steel drums reduce the cost of packaging when compared with new steel-drums for appropriate applications.

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