Closed Head Steel Drums

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Closed Head Steel Drums for Sale

Tight Head & Closed Head Steel Drums for SaleWhen it comes to storing and shipping or storing hazardous materials, the wrong kind of barrel can be more than a headache for your business but an outright disaster. That is why you should trust Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co., with all of your barrel and drum needs. We sell closed head steel drums or closed head steel barrels that are durable, reliable and safe for your plant.

Drums can be sold as either, “open head” or “tight/closed”. An open head barrel are barrels with removable lids that can be bolted to secure liquid and solids inside. These open head barrels, or drums are used in places where there will be frequent additions to the barrel or frequent extraction. That makes it easier to work with when it comes to solids or fine solids or thick liquids such as soils, syrups, oils, and glues.  Open barrels are ideal if you will keep dispensing into or removing product out of your barrel. The top and bottom of tight head steel barrels, or closed head steel drums, are permanently attached on both ends of the barrel. The tight head steel drum often features two openings. One opening is a 2” threaded fitting that is used for pouring and the second opening is a ¾” used for ventilation.

Closed & Tight Head Steel Drums

Since tight head steel drums are a bit more permanent than open head barrels, you want to consider accessories for better use and protection of your barrel. Here at Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co., we have drum liners, as well as drum covers to protect dust from entering your barrels, or flexible covers to protect the bung heads from any debris and dust while you and your team work.

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