Ultra-Drain Seals®

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Drain Seals & Storm Drain Covers for SaleUltra-Drain Seals® for Sale

The Ultra-Drain Seal is a helpful addition to any spill kit, stormwater management program or even an emergency response plan. Why? Because this storm drain cover has been constructed with a flexible, non-absorbing material that uses tear-resistant mesh to quickly and effectively seal drains. The mesh interior is sandwiched between layers of polyurethane, which not only increases the durability of the product, but it also allows the pad to deform and seal off most drains and temporarily seal any smooth surface.

Drain Seals & Storm Drain Covers

The Ultra-Drain Seal is also resistant to oil, water, aggressive chemicals, as well as soap and water. It should be noted, however, that the Ultra-Drain Seal is only intended for short-term use outdoors because UV exposure and/or heat exposure for long periods will degrade the product. We recommend the usage of the Ultra-Drain Seal Plus for extended outdoor usage.