Salvage Drums

The Best Steel Salvage Drums in the Market

It is dangerous to transport a damaged or leaking container – the risk of contamination is high, especially if you’re transporting chemicals through public areas. Any leaks may cause health problems and damage to the environment. You need another container to hold the damaged one and keep hazardous materials from spilling. YBDCO has the right solution for your secondary containment needs.

Ensuring safe transportation of damaged or leaking containers is important to avoid contamination and stay in compliance with safety regulations. Made from high quality carbon steel, our steel salvage drums provide excellent protection against spills and leaks. Whether you’re shipping hazardous chemicals in small or large volumes, we have the right drum type and size for you.

Steel Salvage Drums to Fit Your Purpose

We want to make choosing and purchasing the necessary items easier for you, so we make sure all the products you need are within your reach. We feature salvage drums of different capacities and interior dimensions to fit varying applications. Each item comes with a plain cover for optimum reliability and protection. We provide additional information to help you compare specifications before placing your orders.

YBDCO wants nothing but to give you the most convenient shopping experience. Contact us to request more information about our products. We’ll be happy to speak with you and answer your questions.

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