Plastic Salvage Drums

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Transporting a damaged or leaking container is very dangerous. There is a high risk of contamination, especially if the chemicals are transported through public areas. Leaking of chemicals may cause damage to the environment and health problems. An additional container is required to hold the damaged one and prevent hazardous materials from spilling. Plastic Salvage Drums are used to contain packages of hazardous materials that are either damaged or defective.

Salvage drums must be used if a shipper or a company has a leaking package of hazardous material, rags or sorbents used during a spill and intends to ship them across public roads. Our drums comply with the regulations of  49 CFR 173.3 (c) as listed by the Department of Transportation (DOT).  The salvage drums must be compatible with the material in the package. Defying the regulations set by the Department of Transportation is termed as an illegal shipment and can lead to a fine of $250 to $25000.

The plastic savage drums used for this purpose must be UN 1A2, 1B2, 1N2 or 1H2 tested and marked and a leakproofness test of 20 kPa (3 psig).

The plastic salvage drums, if necessary shall be equipped with appropriate cushioning and absorption material to prevent excessive spillage or shifting of the damaged package and to eliminate the presence of any free liquid at the time when the salvage drum is closed. The cushioning and absorbent material used in the drum must be compatible with the hazardous material.

The salvage packaging shall be properly marked with shipping name of the hazardous material inside the salvage drum and the name and address of the consignee. In addition, the packaging must be marked “SALVAGE”. The lettering of the marking must be at least 12 mm (0.5 inches) high.

If used more than once, Salvage Drums must be leak tested, and if they show evidence of a reduction in integrity, they must be reconditioned. Salvage Drums that comply with these requirements may be reused or resold.

Our Range of Plastic Salvage Drums for Sale

YBDCO has the right solution for your secondary containment needs. We have a variety of plastic salvage drums of different capacities and interior dimensions designed for different applications. Each item comes with a plain cover for optimum reliability and protection.Our plastic salvage drums are made of hardened polyethylene. They have a simple screw-on lid and is hence a ‘no tools required’ drums.

65 Gallon Plus, Plastic Salvage Drum

This drum is made of hardened polyethylene and is a perfect option for salvage situations. The drum has a simple screw-on lid. The drum specifications are strictly according to the UN Marking 1H2X345S.

95 Gallon, Plastic Salvage Drum, Recycled Model

These drums are designed for pick up and go jobs. This model is the unwheeled version of the other 95 Gallon salvage drum and is suitable for smaller scaled pickup jobs. It is an eco-friendly alternative as it is made from 100% recycled material. The design complies With UN Packaging Group 2 (Y-Rating).

95 Gallon, Plastic Salvage Drum, Wheeled Model

Built-In Wheels and wide, molded handles help in the movement of the salvage drums quickly And easily. There is no need for a separate dolly any other mode of transport because of the built-in wheels. This drum aids in fast transportation and maximum portability for the workers on the ground. This model can be really helpful in case of a large-scale spill or event that requires tons of rubble to be moved quickly. The design complies With UN Packaging Group 1 (X-Rating).

95 Gallon Plus, Plastic Salvage Drum

This model has one of the highest performance of any 95-Gallon plastic salvage drums in the market. The model has a 345 Kg weight capacity. The design of the model complies with UN packaging group 1 (X-Rated). The drum is very economical and competitively priced.