Salvage Drums

Steel and Poly Salvage Drums

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In the event that you have a drum that leaks due to transportation damage or any other reason, a salvage drum may be the temporary solution. Salvage drums are specifically designed for the safe transport and storage of damaged drums. It is also an enclosure used to provide protection or convenience in handling a package, for consolidating two or more packages going to the same consignee. It can also be is used to contain a smaller non-leaking package if needed.

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Steel Salvage Drums

Available in sizes from 8 to 110 gallons which has been assigned a special UN code. These drums are open-headed with a bolt ring that secures the lid to the drum. Mostly the gasket prevents spillage of hazardous materials and is made from the strongest materials that is resistant to heat, water and other chemicals.


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Poly Salvage Drums

These are over-pack drums that are available in various sizes from 65 to 95 gallons. Zero spillage and extremely safe for hazardous liquids, these poly drums are covered with a removable large lid that is larger than the diameter of the drum. This makes it easy for filling, emptying, and cleaning.


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