Tight Head Plastic Drums & Barrels

Tight Head Plastic Drums

Tight Head Plastic Drums for SaleOur uniquely designed tight head plastic drums are created for a large range of industrial and commercial purposes. Made from the highest quality and consistency standards that are prevailing in the industry, the storage bins are created for the storage of different liquids. Hazardous and non-hazardous products will remain safe in our highly containerized plastic drums. Our tight-headed drums are resilient, rigid and are incredibly easy to handle. We are proud in stating that these drums are incredibly cost-effective and easy to handle for transporting and shipping them to different locations.

Tight Head Plastic Drums Openings

Tight head plastic drums have an opening that is not as large as the diameter of the drum. Made out of the latest up-to-date technologies to create plastic barrels, these barrels are to withstand all environments and industries.

  • Useful for pouring needs: Tight-head plastic barrels are highly applicable for pouring needs. This is useful for all those who need help dispensing liquids without spilling. Our barrels are highly secured and safe for dispensing liquids with the use of double handles in most of our storage bins. They are uniquely safe as the opening is tightly shut and is spill-resistant. These drums are available in varying sizes up to 55 gallons of liquids.
  • Ensuring Compliance to UN regulations: All our rigid and resilient barrels are made out of the toughest materials that follow the latest UN regulations. When it comes to handling hazardous or even non-hazardous liquids, we are strongly concerned for following the latest UN guidelines.
  • Molded top and bottom ensures ease of use: Our plastic drum barrel design is uniquely molded at the top and the bottom to ensure tremendous ease and security of the liquids stored.
  • Convenience in carrying and handling: Our barrels are designed for easy stacking of your drums, this ideal design makes it easy for both carrying and storing.
  • Applicable to all industries: Industries such as pharmaceuticals, detergents, lubricants, agricultural, and other agrochemical settings can make the maximum out of these barrels.

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