Open Head Plastic Drums & Barrels

Open Head Plastic Drums & Barrels

Open Head Plastic Drums for SaleIn any industrial activity, it’s vital to have the best equipment to facilitate the needs of your business, without any interruption. YBDCO recognizes the importance of plastic drums for industrial purposes and ensure they meet the latest UN safety regulations and are made of the high-tech technology. All of our plastic drums are made from top quality materials and consistency which have the highest molecular-weight and have a resin of high-density polyethylene.

Special features of our open head plastic drum

  • Efficient for any industrial purpose: Amongst the variety of factors that are required for plastic drums, it’s important to have drums that can withstand any conditions in the industrial environment. The open head drum we offer is perfect for any condition.
  • Ensure complete compliance: The technology used in creating the plastic drums follow the strictest of guidelines laid down by the UN. Ensuring the chemical compatibility of all materials such as hazardous and non-hazardous is vital to the production of our drums. Our open top drum meets and exceeds all of these guidelines.
  • Easy stacking, palletizing and containerizing: All plastic drums for sale give the convenience of being stacked and transported in difficult areas. Apart from giving the convenience of being containerized, it is also very cost-effective. The shape of the drum is designed in a way that the plastic drum allows one to store and save up at the same time. We make sure that all of our open top drums are built to perfection, so when the time comes for stacking, you can rest assured that it will not be a problem.
  • Filling and emptying expediency: Yes, the feature of emptying and filling plastic drums is usually unavailable in drums of other designs. Yet, the very nature of the drum is such that it allows for maximum ability to fill, empty and clean the drum. When it comes to open head plastic drums, you know that at YBDCO we do not cut any corners, you will always have the best products.

These plastic drums are available in varying sizes and can fill from 10.7 to 95 gallons of liquid.

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