Steel Pails

Expert Supplier of Steel Pails and Buckets (3.5-7 Gallon) – Nestable or Straight Sided – Open Head or Closed Head

In order to make the best buying decision, find a supplier who can be a problem solver by asking the right questions in order to determine the appropriate steel buckets and pails tailored to the specific need of the customer by analyzing the material being packaged and the manner in which it is to be stored and/or shipped. Buy steel pails and buckets from an expert supplier who can not only provide the most sought after sizes and types, whether nestable or straight-sided, open head or closed head, according to the intended use of the steel pails and buckets but who can also provide additional options available for each type of container along with expert advice on DOT shipping regulations.

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Open Head Steel Pails

Our steel pails are made from highest materials as they have passed UN certifications. Both open-headed and tight-headed pails are available for a capacity of 5 gallons.

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Closed Head Steel Pails

All YBDCO Pails have the highest standards to ensure the safest storage and transporting capabilities of industrial and commercial liquids.

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Steel Buckets & Pails

  • Nestable and Straight Sided

Nestable feature provides the benefit of economy of space when being shipped and stored empty. Straight sided features and benefits allow for the dispensing of material from the pail or bucket utilizing a follower plate. Both can be stacked, once filled.

  • Open Head & Closed Head

Both open head and closed head pails and buckets can be stacked once filled. However, only tapered open head pails and buckets are nestable when empty.

  • Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR)

Steel pails and buckets that are used for the shipment of hazardous materials are subject to DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations. The offeror of a hazardous material is responsible to select, and properly close the correct steel pail and bucket based on the material he intends to ship.

  • Covers and Closures

Lug covers are used to close an open head steel pail, and require a crimping tool in order to secure the lid to the pail. In addition, there is a metal ring closure that uses a bolt or lever to secure a dish type lid to the pail.

  • Fittings & Spouts

A variety of metal and plastic fittings and pouring spouts are available for the lids of the steel open head pails and buckets. Similar caps, spouts, and fittings are available for the closed head steel pails and buckets.

Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. has been in business over 60 years as an industrial container specialist. As an integrator of multiple related industrial packaging, drum storage products, and both rigid and flexible containment products through one source, Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co provides the highest level of expertise and service, at the most competitive prices. For a competitive quote or more information, find the best supplier of steel pails and buckets for your business at 1-800-359-DRUM.