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All YBDCO pails are made with the sturdiest materials following the highest standards for quality and consistency. Ranging from the type of applicability, our pails are designed with different lids. All our pails follow the highest quality standards to ensure zero spillage, zero corrosion, as well as being lightweight.

Quality Parameter of Pails

All our high-density pails or buckets are made from the finest and sturdiest materials of plastic and steel. Geared to suit all application from agro-chemical, industrial, lubricant, detergent, and the paints industry, our buckets are designed with the utmost concern for safety and security.

Different types and sizes of pails available at YBDCO

Our plastic and metal pails are highly durable, anti-corrosive, anti-spillage, and have a long life.

Plastic Pails: Our plastic pails are open-headed and tight-headed for the convenience of filling, emptying and cleaning. These are available in different sizes from 2.5 to 6.5 gallons. Our Life Latch pail can carry as much as 11.3 gallons with a UN-certification especially for solids alone.

Steel Pails: Our steel pails are made from highest materials as they have passed UN certifications. Both open-headed and tight-headed pails are available for a capacity of 5 gallons.

USP of the YBDCO Pails

All YBDCO Pails have the highest standards to ensure the safest storage and transporting capabilities of industrial and commercial liquids.

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