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Cardboard Barrels Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. has a range of fiber drums for sale that will fulfill various packaging requirements, whether the use is for the chemical, pharmaceutical, glue, paint or food industry. Our cardboard barrels have been proven to be highly durable. We regularly test our drums to ensure they comply with UN regulations for the transport of goods that may be hazardous.

We offer a variety of fiber drum styles available to comply with your specific requirements. All cardboard barrels offered come with a wide range of inner coatings and linings those of which include polyester, aluminum and silicone. Our fiber drums are also available in several different sizes, as well as the choice of plastic, fiber or steel lids. Let us help you find the right fiber barrel for your specific needs.

Cardboard Barrels

Lock-Rim Fiber Drums

The lock-rim cardboard barrels have greater stacking strength than an all-cardboard barrels. They are an excellent solution for the containment and transportation of a variety of materials, which may be dry, solid, or liquid, with options for a variety of coatings and linings, suitable for your specific requirements. They reduce waste, are cost effective, and available in a variety of diameters and heights. Covers are available in steel, fiber, or plastic, and are easily opened and closed, allowing for quick and efficient filling and dispensing. The lock-rim fiber drums provide security for the contents and are compliant with UN regulations for the transportation of hazardous goods.

YBDCO is a renowned producer of Lock Rim Fiber Drums, offering you several outstanding product features:

1.Our drums are ideal for the pharmaceutical and food market as well as for other hygienic markets such as chemical products and powdered or dry granular products.

2.With the addition of plastic liners, our fiber drums can also be used for liquid- and semi-liquid products.

3.A variety of lid types, clamping rings and exterior finishes provide fully customized packaging solutions for your individual purposes.

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Cardboard Barrels

All-Fiber Drums

The all-fiber drums are an excellent solution for the containment and storage of dry or solid materials. They reduce waste, are cost-effective, and available in a wide variety of diameters and heights. They are easily opened and closed, allowing for quick and efficient filling and dispensing. Fiber drums are durable and easily stacked. They are not UN rated.

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The YBDCO team is committed to providing you excellent industrial packaging solutions. We focus on innovative packaging design and advanced material development. Our operational excellence and machinery expertise provide you an incomparable value. Because of modular design concepts, we are capable of modifying our product line to provide you with a customized solution.

Fiber drums are safe and reliable for transporting solid, liquid and semi-liquid filling goods. The YBDCO fiber drum is designed to provide packaging solutions for a variety of individual applications. Cardboard barrels made by YBDCO are well-engineered products that have proven themselves countless of times. Our outstanding fiber drums are used around the world for safe packaging and transport. They are the perfect transportation solution for numerous industries. They are suitable for many different applications.

The Lock-Rim Fiber Barrel

The lock-rim fiber barrels we have for sale are recommended for stacking purposes because of the greater stacking strength they have compared to the all-fiber barrel. The cardboard barrels an excellent choice for the containment and transportation of dry, solid and liquid materials because of the options available for coatings and linings. Additionally, the fiber drums for sale are highly cost-effective, they reduce waste and they come in variable diameters and heights. We also offer steel, fiber or plastic covers that can be opened and closed with ease, which allows for quick, efficient filling and dispensing of materials. The lock-rim fiber barrels are secured, while also being compliant with UN regulations for the moving and transportation of hazardous goods.

The All-Fiber Barrel

The all-fiber drums are primarily recommended and popular for the containment and storage of dry and/or solid materials. The cardboard barrels can be used for the transport of hazardous materials. However, the all-fiber barrels we have for sale cannot be emptied of hazardous materials and re-used. Much like the lock-rim barrels, the all-fiber drums reduce waste, are cost effective, and available in a wide variety of diameters and heights. They are also easy to open and close, which makes it easy to fill and dispense materials. But, unfortunately they are not UN rated.

Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. has been in business for over 50 years and has been renowned for the level of knowledge and expertise we offer at the most competitive prices. We offer award-winning service that few companies can match. Our experts are sure to help you find a solution. Please contact us at, or call 1-800-359-DRUM for expert advice on fibre drums or alternative options for your needs.

Benefits of Using All Fiber Drums

Today, several manufacturing and production companies have chosen all fiber drums as the preferred option for the storage, containment, and shipment of their finished product. This is as a result of the ease of use, adequate protection, and durability offered by the fiber drums. Some of the benefits of using fiber drums include

Excellent to Store and Contain Products

All Fiber drums offer a unique storage solution for both finished products and raw materials. Since most of these drums feature fiber with little or no metals, they are less affected by rust or corrosion. Thus, you can be confident that any material stored in the drum is less likely to become contaminated from metal rusting.

Superb for Shipping Products

Every year, millions of dollars are lost by industries from goods damaged from poor packaging selection. All Fiber drums can help provide the ultimate solution to correct this issue. All Fiber drums can be constructed for heavy duty applications This will help to provide adequate protection against external forces or collision.
The interior of all fiber drums are smoother due to the telescoping and cover flush tape seal. This will help in preventing scratches. With a fiber drum, you can cut your losses.

Relatively Easy To Use

Also, all fiber drums are relatively easy to use. No need to apply unnecessary force to open or close the drum. The opening is also large enough to contain your product. The all fiber drum also offer easy access. Thus, filling up the drum or dispensing products is more efficient and faster. Also, it is very easy to arrange and stack fiber drums.

Environmentally-Friendly Storage Solution

Finally, all fiber drums are completely reusable and recyclable. They are environmentally friendly storage solutions and properly reused and or recycled can help minimize environmental pollution. If you are looking for a storage solution you can easily reuse, fiber drums are precisely what you need.

Purchasing Fiber Drums from YBDCO

If you’d like more information about fiber drums | cardboard barrels or would like to inquire about purchasing fiber drums or barrels, please contact us at Youngstown Barrel & Co. We have many different types of drums and containers to suit all purposes and needs. Our friendly staff are always standing by to help answer and all of your questions. Please give us a call at 1-877-721-1264. We look forward to finding you the right solution.

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