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Benefits for Using Spill Decks Required for Secondary Containment that Complies with Spill Containment Regulations and Standards

Few companies have the expert knowledge of not only emerging and the most efficient technology but also a current awareness of developing spill containment regulations and standards. When it comes to meeting SPCC, EPA Container Storage Regulations, and UFC Spill Containment Regulations, awareness is key. The benefits for using spill decks are vast as a result of many different models and available options that solve site-specific needs. Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. has an expert customer service department that can help solve problems related to the need for secondary containment that will result in the safe handling of materials and reduce environmental risk.

One of the key design elements of spill decks is the low profile of only 5 ¾”. This allows for safe and easy access to the materials being stored on them. There are many models and configurations available, along with several options that further enhance the benefits for using spill decks.

  • The basic polyethylene rigid spill deck can be used alone or easily assembled as a modular system, with unlimited configurations possible. When creating a modular system, the sump capacity is increased, further meeting spill containment regulations and standards. In addition, the small footprint provides an economical advantage when in use, shipping, or storage.
  • Several options are available that solve problems that may be unique to the site-specific needs:
      1. Ramps make loading of materials not only easier but also safer.
      2. Bladder Systems are an option that auto deploys upon a catastrophic leak.
      3. Flexible models are very economical with regard to cost, storage and shipping. Easy to assemble, they can be used alone or connected like the rigid models. The bladder system is available, as are custom sizes and colors.
      4. In-Line models are available that provide not only the same low profile, but also narrow depth. This allows for the storage of drums in a single row, which can be situated against a wall, thus saving floor space. In addition, multiple decks can be connected as needed.
      5. Heavy Duty models are available when heavy equipment must be supported. These units support 10,000 pounds per square foot. There are 2 or 4 drum modules available, which can be used alone or connected in order to increase sump capacity. They have the same benefits of the low profile for easy and safe access, and the ramp is also available to enhance this benefit.
      6. Fluorinated models are available when the chemicals being stored are not compatible with the standard polyethylene.

Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. will provide expert advice on choosing the best spill decks required for secondary containment, along with spill containment regulations and standards. Be prepared in case of an accidental leak or spill. The seasoned experts in the customer service department are not only caring but also reliable. Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. has been in business for over 50 years and has built its reputation on providing knowledge, expertise, and award-winning service that few companies can match. Please contact us at 1-800-359-DRUM for expert advice not only on spill decks required for secondary containment, but also on other secondary containment options that may also meet your needs.


Spill Deck Bladder Systems - YBDCO

Ultra-Spill Deck Bladder Systems®

Hidden containment bladder automatically unfurls to capture large spills or drum leaks.

Ultra-Spill Deck Bladder Systems are low profile, polyethylene containment decks which meet EPA and uniform fire code spill containment regulations. Available in 1,2 and 4-drum modules, the low 5-3/4″ deck height allows safe and convenient drum loading, even without drum handling equipment. Add the optional polyethylene loading ramp for even greater handling ease.


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Spill Decks® Flexible Model

Ultra-Spill Decks® Flexible Model

Functions As other spill decks / platforms but disassembles into smaller components when not in use – saves valuable storage space and shipping costs.

Outer yellow sump is constructed of heavy-duty, 18.5 Oz. PVC material – folds/rolls down for easy and convenient storage.


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Spill Decks® Fluorinated Model

Ultra-Spill Decks® Fluorinated Model

Use fluorinated spill decks with chlorinated solvents and other aggressive chemicals that may not be compatible with standard polyethylene.


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Spill Decks® Plus Model

Ultra-Spill Decks® Plus Model

Extra rugged Spill Decks provide containment for heavy equipment and machinery.

Heavy duty Ultra-Spill Deck Plus Models are rated for loads up to 10,000 lbs. per square foot. Drive equipment onto the low profile (4-1/4″ high) Spill Decks and capture any fluids which may leak during routine maintenance and repair operations. Permanently mount machinery onto the decks to contain leaking oil, hydraulic fluid, etc.


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Spill Decks® Polyethylene Model

Ultra-Spill Decks® Polyethylene Model

Low profile, modular Spill Decks allow you to design and create a containment system that meets your specific needs.

Ultra-Spill Decks are available in 1, 2 and 4-drum modules. Modules are easily connected together with bulkhead fittings to allow a virtually unlimited number of customized configurations.

Connect your choice of 1, 2 and 4-drum Spill Deck modules to custom-design your own secondary containment storage pad.


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Ultra-Spill King

Ultra-Spill King®

Unique design combines a variety of material handling capabilities with spill control. Ultra Spill King features a removable deck with 4-way forklift access. Combined with its 85 gallon containment sump, drum handling and storage have never been safer. Safely double-stack drums to optimize valuable floor space.

Rugged polyethylene construction features a 6,500 pound static load capacity. Place Spill King basins in strategic areas – drums can be easily rotated and replaced with the forkliftable deck.


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Spill Pallet Fluorinated Models

Ultra-Spill Pallet Fluorinated Models®

Certain chlorinated solvents are considered incompatible with standard polyethylene. However, a gas treatment process known as fluorination alters the surface of molded polyethylene products, making them compatible with these and many other aggressive chemicals. The light blue color indicates that the Spill Pallets and grates have been fluorinated.


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Spill Pallet P4®

Ultra-Spill Pallet P4®

Spill Pallets are built for heavy loads and convenient handling.

Highest load capacity available – 6,000 lbs. for 4-drum model, 3,000 lbs. for 2-drum model.

Bright, safety yellow sidewalls are translucent, offering convenient visual leak detection.

100% polyethylene construction – compatible with a broad range of chemicals, including acids and corrosives.


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Spill Pallets® Economy Model

Ultra-Spill Pallets® Economy Model

With the advent of global markets, the business world has never been more competitive. Ultra-Spill Pallet economy models have been developed specifically to meet tight budgets for spill containment products.

Grates are removable for easy cleaning of containment sump.


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Spill Pallets® Flexible Model

Ultra-Spill Pallets® Flexible Model

Spill Pallet P2 (2-drum) without drain.

Economical spill containment for 55-gallon drums.

Outer yellow sump is constructed of heavy-duty, 18.5 oz. PVC material – folds/rolls down for easy and convenient storage.

Grating is supported by a ribbed, polyethylene support frame – disassembles/lays flat for compact shipping or storage.


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Spill Pallets® Plus Model

Ultra-Spill Pallets® Plus Model

Nearly 50% lower than standard spill pallets, making drum handling safer and less strenuous.

Available in 1-Drum, 2-Drum and 4-Drum configurations.

Removable grates feature a non-slip surface.

Combine high-strength and low profile features.


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Ultra-In Line Spill Decks®

Ultra-InLine Spill Decks®

Low profile, “in line” designs save valuable floor space and comply with spill containment regulations. InLine models are pre-drilled and can be quickly assembled without tools. The bulkhead fittings “lock” connected modules together and allow spills to flow from one module to the next.

3-, 4- and 5-drum units utilize a hidden containment bladder for additional sump capacity to meet EPA and UFC spill containment regulations.


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Ultra-Spill Sumps

Ultra-Spill Sumps®

Complete containment for 275 gallon oval tanks – indoors or outdoors! PullOver option keeps rainwater out, yet allows easy access for pumping or waste collection activities.


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Hard Top P1 Plus®

Ultra-Hard Top P1 Plus®

Convenient “Roll-Top” cover slides up and out of the way, and allows quick access to drum pumps and funnels.

100% Polyethylene construction and will not rust or corrode.

Safe Handling – Can be moved by forklift under the “Shoulder” area or wheeled with the optional dolly.


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Hard Top P2 Plus®

Ultra-Hard Top P2 Plus®

Store Hazardous drums safely outdoors with pumps and funnels in place! “Swing out” lower doors provide full access to drums for loading and unloading – optional ramp features a non-slip surface.

Compact loading ramp stores neatly inside when not in use – even when loaded with two 55-gallon drums. Simply lift from waist-level to raise the roll-top cover – no need to bend over and reach near ground level as required by alternative products.


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Hard Top P2® - YBDCO

Ultra-Hard Top P2®

Outdoor secondary containment storage systems keep the elements out while providing convenient access to drums. Ultra-Hard Tops are available in 2 and 4-drum models. The all-polyethylene units feature a lockable, weather-proof design, allowing secure outdoor storage of hazardous materials and wastes.


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Hard Top P4 Plus®

Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus®

Unique “dual enclosure” offers significant ergonomic and convenience benefits – drums are easily accessed from either side. Roll-top covers can be easily lifted from waist height to access drum tops – no need to reach near ground level.

Low profile (8 3/4″) containment pallet positions drum tops at a safe, convenient level to pour wastes into funnels or to use drum pumps.


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Hard Top P4®

Ultra-Hard Top P4®

Outdoor secondary containment storage systems keep the elements out while providing convenient access to drums.

Ultra-Hard Tops are available in 2 and 4-drum models. The all-polyethylene units feature a lockable, weather-proof design, allowing secure outdoor storage of hazardous materials and wastes.


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Hard Top Plus Models®

Ultra-Hard Top Plus Models®

All Polyethylene Construction offers excellent chemical resistance, will not rust or corrode.

Separate lockable compartments feature a unique “2-Way” entry system allowing quick access to all four drums.

Roll-Top covers can be easily lifted from waist height to access drum tops. Swing-Out doors provide safety and convenience for loading or unloading drums.


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IBC Hard Top®

Ultra-IBC Hard Top®

Upper roll top door and lower swing-out doors combine to allow easy and convenient access to IBC. Safely stores an IBC tank with maximum dimensions of 52″ x 52″ x 61″. Low profile (28″ height), 360 gallon containment sump allows safe material handling and dispensing. Forkliftable, lockable, all-polyethylene design will not rust or corrode.


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IBC Spill Pallet Plus®

Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus®

The Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus provides economical and portable spill containment for IBCs, tanks and other large containers. A 385-gallon containment sump helps meet EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations. All polyethylene construction provides excellent chemical compatibility, and forklift pockets makes it easy to move.


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IBC Spill Pallet

Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet®

The Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet’s 16,000 lb. weight capacity, allows you to double stack IBC tanks and save valuable floor space! A large spill containment capacity of 400 gallons keeps you in compliance with EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations. All polyethylene construction provides excellent chemical compatibility. All grating and inner components are easily removed for quick and easy clean-up.


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Ultra Berm Builder

Ultra-Berm Builder®

Build a barrier around machinery or equipment that is permanently mounted or cannot easily be moved or wherever a berm wall is needed.

Economical spill containment for leaks and spills around machinery and equipment.


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Collector System

Ultra-Collector System®

Three-piece system includes Bung Access Funnel, Spill Collector and Dolly. Can be used with steel or poly 55-gallon drums.


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Containment Berm®, Accessories

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Accessories

Keep hoses off berm sidewalls – reduce damage and maintain full capacity.

Heavy Duty (3/4″ Thick) Polyethylene unit is compatible with fuel and many other chemicals.

Cutout in top of unit can handle up to 6 1/2″ hoses – keeps hoses secure.


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Containment Berm®, Agriculture Models

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Agriculture Models

Meet New Agricultural Spill Containment Regulations with Ultra-Containment Berms.  The Agriculture Model Containment Berms use current design (Rapid Rise and Economy Models) but with an increased sidewall height in order to meet the 750 gallon containment requirement.


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Containment Berm®, Collapsible Wall Models

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Collapsible Wall Models

Economical design offers cost savings and secure containment. The Collapsible Wall Model Containment Berm features rugged PVC sidewall assemblies for sidewall support. Simply swivel the “feet” of the PVC supports to lower or raise the sidewalls in just seconds!


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Containment Berm®, Compact Models

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Compact Models

Compact design folds into a tight package – minimal space required to store onboard trucks and HazMat response vehicles.

Custom sizes available! Standard material of construction is Copolymer 2000.


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Containment Berm®, Economy Models

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Economy Models

L-shaped aluminum brackets provide sturdy sidewall support. Easy assembly – brackets are quickly and easily inserted into sleeves spaced around perimeter of berm.

No frames, components, or excess material outside of sidewalls – excellent for use inside storage sheds and other buildings or structures where floor space is a premium.


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Containment Berm®, Foam Wall Models

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Foam Wall Models

Low profile design is perfect for equipment maintenance and portable drum containment.

Capture nuisance leaks and spills from vehicles, oily equipment, tanks and drums.

Soft foam sidewall easily compresses for convenient loading and off-loading.


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Containment Berm®, Rapid Rise Models

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Rapid Rise Models

Sidewalls stay lowered and out of the way until they are needed.  Foam in the top, outer perimeter of this containment berm’s sidewalls raise the walls with the level of the liquid should there be a spill.  But the walls stay down and flat during normal, day-to-day, operations.  Helps comply with SPCC and EPA spill containment regulations.


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Containment Berm®, Stake Wall Models

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Stake Wall Models

Portable secondary containment for drums, tanks, equipment and vehicles.

Ultra-Containment Berms feature a unique design which allows the sidewalls to collapse in either direction and spring back automatically to their upright position! Roll drums over the sidewalls, drive trucks through them, and the sidewalls always return to vertical without assistance.


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Containment Berm®, Ultimate Models

Ultra-Containment Berm®, Ultimate Models

Unique, “Living Hinge” design allows hands-free drive in/drive out – No need to manually raise or lower the endwalls

Two-way “living hinge” design allows convenient, hands-free drive in/drive out. PVC sidewall assemblies can be easily lowered and raised. Drive-in/drive-out endwalls teamed up with collapsible sidewalls offer the ultimate combination – “hands free” convenience and an affordable design!


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Containment Sumps, Flexible Model®

Ultra-Containment Sumps, Flexible Model®


Flexible Containment Sumps fold for less expensive shipping and easy storage. Heavy-duty material and aluminum L-brackets combine to make spill containment for fuel tanks that is easy to set-up and takes up minimal space when shipping or storing.




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Ultra-Containment Sumps®

Ultra-Containment Sumps®

Spill solution – Eliminate costly spills while storing fuels, oils and other hazardous liquids. Rugged, all-polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode.

Meets EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC regulations. Use with optional Ultra-Self Bailer for outdoor spill containment – Self Bailer allows clean stormwater to passively drain from sump while capturing hydrocarbons.


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Ultra-Containment Trays®

Ultra-Containment Trays®

Versatile secondary containment for small containers and packages.

Designed for use as a storage pad for batteries and other hazardous packages.


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Drum Rack Containment Systems®

Ultra-Drum Rack Containment Systems®

Polyethylene drum racks capture spills, keep your workplace clean and safe.

Ultra-Drum Rack Containment Systems offer a safe and environmentally sound means of dispensing from 55 gallon, horizontal drums. Available in 1,2 and 4-drum configurations, the all-polyethylene designs eliminate rust and corrosion commonly found with metal drum racks.


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Drum Trays®

Ultra-Drum Trays®

Keeps floors free of spills – designed to collect and contain drips and overflows associated with filling of 55 and 30 gallon drums. Optional bottom grate elevates drums 2-5/8″ and out of spilled liquid.

Meets EPA container storage regulations for 20 gallon or smaller containers with bottom grate in place.


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Drum Truck

Ultra-Drum Truck®

Drum handling, dispensing and spill containment in one unit. The Ultra-Drum Truck is a polyethylene spill containment unit for a 55 or 30 gallon drum that is also mobile so that drums can quickly and easily be moved to other locations.


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Modular IBC Spill Pallets

Ultra-Modular IBC Spill Pallets®


New Ultra-Modular IBC Spill Pallets provide low cost spill containment for multiple IBC tanks. Standard offerings include: 2-tank, 3-tank, 4-tank and 5-tank indoor and outdoor models. In addition, components may be purchased separately to allow users to “build-your-own” configurations for indoor models.

Each IBC tank sits on a heavy-duty spill pallet that offers a uniformly distributed load capacity of 9,000 lbs. Each of the low profile spill pallets has a containment capacity of 75-gallons and measures 62″ x 62″ x 8.75”H.



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Rack Containment Tray

Ultra-Rack Containment Tray®

Low-Profile (2.75″) slides easily under pallet racking and shelving.

Small leaks and spills from palletized contents above are captured – keeping floors clean and free from slip hazards.

Black, all-polyethylene construction provides excellent chemical compatibility and corrosion resistance.


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Ultra-Rack Sump

Ultra-Rack Sump®

Unit holds up to (4) 55-gallon drums on a standard shipping pallet.

Low profile design fits into warehouse racking with minimal obstruction to adjacent storage areas.

Allows direct forklift access to wooden pallet – sump unit stays positioned in the rack when removing pallet and drums.


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Safe Connect

Ultra-Safe Connect®

Spill containment berms and concrete loading pads provide containment for trucks that are off-loading fluids but typically do not provide any spill protection at the connection point at the other end of the hose. The Ultra-Safe Connect is the answer.

Unit is quickly and easily installed. Ultra-Safe Connect is designed to be left in place. Hoses connect through the bulkhead fitting in the back of the unit – leaks and drips are captured by the 3-gallon sump. Included drain plug with shutoff valve makes draining, cleaning and maintentance quick and convenient. Polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode. Lockable for added security




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Safety Cabinet Bladder Systems

Ultra-Safety Cabinet Bladder Systems®

Out of sight, should not be out of mind… Fire-rated drum safety cabinets were designed many years ago. Their primary goal was to protect the contents from direct flame and heat – spill control was not a consideration. New Ultra-Safety Cabinet Bladder Systems allow convenient and economical retrofitting of all drum safety cabinets on the market. You can now easily comply with fire and spill containment regulations!


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Spill Collectors

Ultra-Spill Collectors®

Mobile secondary container provides maximum protection for the inner drum. U.S. Patent No. D 364,255.

Applications include satellite waste collection, general storage of chemical drums and portable drum pumping stations.
Rugged design allows flat bottom model and pallet jack model to be safely handled by forklift under top flange.

Containment capacity: 66 gallons.


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Spill Sumps

Ultra-Spill Sumps®

Complete containment for 275 gallon oval tanks – indoors or outdoors!

PullOver option keeps rainwater out, yet allows easy access for pumping or waste collection activities.


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Spill Trays

Ultra-Spill Trays®

Countertop spill collection tray safely stores bottles, beakers and other labware. Makes decanting of small quantity liquids safer, cleaner and more manageable. Features built-in pouring spout to conveniently remove spills. Designed for use in research, laboratory, medical and industrial facilities.


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Stacking Shelf

Ultra-Stacking Shelf®

Double or triple stack buckets, pails and small containers.


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Track Pans

Ultra-Track Pans®

Capture hazardous spills from railroad tanker cars.

Ultra-Track Pans have been designed to provide spill containment at industrial rail sidings and locomotive maintenance facilities. Available in virtually any length, Ultra-Track Pans may be used to collect incidental spills and drips or to capture and channel off significant spills caused by defective equipment or a major overflow.


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Twin IBC Hard Top

Ultra-Twin IBC Hard Top®

Uses same sump as Ultra-Twin IBC Spill Pallet. Unique, lockable, dual closure allows quick access to IBC tanks or drums.

Roll-top covers can be easily lifted for routine visual inspection.

Swing-out doors provide safety and convenience for loading / unloading tanks.

Meets Stormwater, SPCC and EPA Containment Regulations.

Sump Capacity: 535 Gallons


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Twin IBC Spill Pallet

Ultra-Twin IBC Spill Pallet®

Save money – store two IBC tanks side-by-side. Use for intermediate bulk containers, drums, or other large vessels. (all materials stored must be chemically compatible).

Available with optional bucket shelf for either or both sides – catches small leaks or spills during dispensing.


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Utility Tray, Flexible Model

Ultra-Utility Tray, Flexible Model®

Variable sizes available.


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Utility Trays

Ultra-Utility Trays®

Keep messy drips and spills off warehouse and factory floors.

Heavy duty polyethylene construction – will not rust or corrode.

Ribbed bottom keeps cans, pails and other containers elevated above any spills or leaks.

Stackable for easy storage when not in use.

Available in six sizes for a variety of applications.


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