Tanker Tourniquet, Magnetic

Tanker Tourniquet, Magnetic

Tanker Tourniquet, Magnetic Stops leaks from overturned tanker trucks, railcar, and other large vessels.

Accidents, punctures, and corrosion are facts of life. With a tanker tourniquet, however, you can minimize environmental damage, protect lives and save the load.
Available in suction and magnetic models, these simple devices expand a chemical-resistant, flexible bladder to quickly stop potentially dangerous and costly spills.

Stainless steel backing plate.
EDPM sealing bladder. Chemical compatibility guide available upon request.

For temporary use only. Maximum sealing area: 3-1/2″ x 16″.
Waterproof carrying case included.
8 magnets, spark resistant assembly.
For use on ferrous vessels.
Pressure pump included.

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Weight 26 kg
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15-3/4 x 32-1/4 x 3-1/4

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