Poly Barrels and How They Can Help Commercial Applications

plastic barrels packed togetherCommercial applications such as storage, shipment, and packaging of finished products require durable and reliable containers. This is where poly barrels excel. Poly drums are manufactured using high density, high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE) materials. This gives the plastic drums the needed strength and durability.

Today, these plastic barrels have become a vital part of the commercial operations of a lot of businesses. Since they do not corrode or rust, the drums are suitable for use in both liquid and solid products. Food & Beverage companies, Pharmaceutical companies, and so forth use poly drums for packaging, storing, and shipping finished products, waste materials, and much more. Some commercial applications of these poly drums include:

To Store Food, Beverages, and Pharmaceuticals

One of the major commercial application of poly barrels is to store food, drugs, and beverages. Several food & beverage companies leverage on the durability and strength offered by these poly drums. Besides, drums can be made with FDA compliant resin for storing food, drugs, and beverages. Thus, you can use poly drums to store and ship certain food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products without worrying about the content becoming contaminated.

To Store and Transport Products of Different Nature

Furthermore, poly drums can be used to store and ship products of different nature. The drums come in two types; open head plastic drums, and tight head plastic drums. The open head plastic drums offer easy access. They are often used in storing solid and dry products.

On the other, the tight head plastic drums are highly suited for storing and shipping liquid and semi-liquid products. Whether you are storing or shipping dry, solid, liquid or semi-liquid products, there is a suitable poly barrel for the task.

To Manage Waste Materials

Efficient waste collection, management, and disposal are important for every company. In order to prevent environmental pollution or hazards, businesses and companies across the nation use poly barrels to collect, manage, and ship certain waste materials safely. The drums can hold certain waste materials without leaking or constituting any mess. Moreover, poly drums are reusable. Hence, they can be recycled and reused over and over again.

There you have it! Above are some of the commercial applications of poly drums. If you need a sturdy and durable container for your commercial applications like storing, shipping, poly barrels are the ideal solution. Most importantly, you won’t need to bother about corrosion or rust when used with compatible materials.

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