Pharmaceutical Uses for Fiber Drums

Fiber Drums - For ExportFiber drums come in two variants: all fiber drums and lock-rim fiber drums. These drums are lightweight and are usually used in industries to store or contain various products. The Lock-rim fiber drums feature an open top. This encourages quick filling and dispensing of products, thus, making them suitable for solid, liquid, semi-liquid products. All-fiber drums made of fiber only and offer an excellent solution for the storage and transportation of products.

However, a lot of chemical substances and hazardous materials are used in the pharmaceutical industry. Hence, safety is of critical importance. Chemicals, liquids, and even waste materials will need to be properly handled, transported, and stored. Here are some pharmaceutical uses of fiber drums.

Store and Transport Pharmaceutical Product

Fiber drums offer an excellent way to store and transport pharmaceutical products. The drum feature two styles: the transport style and the standard style. The standard style barrels feature a multi ply  wall construction. This offers sufficient protection for the pharmaceutical products being stored or transported.

What’s more, the all fiber drum features a flush tape seal which provides rigidity and sturdiness to the drum. With this, you can be certain that your pharmaceutical products including drugs and chemicals are well stored and safely transported.

Containing Hazardous Products

As mentioned earlier, several chemical and hazardous products are used in the pharmaceutical industries. These chemicals can be hazardous to our health. They also cause environmental pollution. Properly certified Fiber barrels offer a safe and secure storage and shipping solution for these chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

For Packaging of Food Products

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warns that food and pharmaceutical substances should be packaged using non-toxic and safe materials. This is where fiber drums excel. The majority of fiber drums are manufactured using materials that are safe for packaging of food, drinks, beverages, and other pharmaceutical products.

There you have it! Above are some of the pharmaceutical uses of fiber drums. Fiber barrels are nontoxic and absolutely safe for both our health and the environment. This is why they are suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

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