Our Poly Barrels are Perfect for Your Company

Polyethylene Drums And Their USesAt Youngstown Barrel & Drum, we carry a huge selection of poly barrels featuring different sizes and styles. We also offer you food grade plastic containers that are suitable for storing and packaging food products.

Furthermore, our plastic drums are available in open head and tight head. The open head poly barrel feature removable tops while the tight head feature a sealed top with bung fittings. The drums also come in various colors including blue, black, natural, and many others. The most common sizes are 15, 30, and 55 gallons.

Tips to Extend the Service Life of Your Poly Barrels

Our poly barrels at Youngstown Barrel & Drum are high quality, durable, and strong. Nonetheless, it is important that you handle the drums well when using them. Some tips to help you get the best out of your poly barrels include:

Verify HMR Instructions before Use

Prior to purchasing your plastic drums form Youngstown Barrel & Drum, and before using the drum for storing or transporting hazardous substances, be sure to consult the Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR). With this, you can be sure that you are using the right drum for the right chemical product. The responsibility for selecting the proper package for shipping a hazmat rests with the offer or of the material. They must be sure to select the proper package based on info found in the hazmat table as well as knowing the proper material compatibility of the package with the material being shipped.

Don’t Roll the Plastic Drums

However, we often advise our customers not to roll the drums. Rather, use the proper barrel handling device. With this, you can prevent scratches or dents. This also reduces the chances of the drum being punctured by sharp objects.

Pack with Appropriate Pallets

Spills and accidents occur when these poly barrels slip or fall. Packing the drums with pallets of appropriate dimension is the right way to avoid slips or fall. In addition, arrange the drums with the load uniformly distributed. Creating a balanced formation will likewise reduce accidents.

With the tips above, your poly barrels will serve you for an extended period.