Industrial Uses for Plastic Barrels

Polyethylene Drums And Their USesPlastic barrels are used by a lot of companies for their daily industrial operations. The poly drums are made from high density, high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE). This gives them the needed strength and durability. Hence, poly barrels are suitable for a lot of industrial operations such as finished goods packaging, transfer, storage, waste disposal, and many more. The following are some industrial uses of plastic drums:

Storage of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products

Storing chemical and pharmaceutical products require durable and corrosion-free drums. Since some plastic barrels are manufactured from high density, high molecular weight FDA compliant polyethylene, they are very suitable for these purposes. The drums can withstand the effect of these chemicals and hazardous products without getting damaged or contaminating the product.

In addition, plastic barrels can help protect pharmaceutical and chemical products against environmental impacts or pollution. Hence, various industries like food & beverage, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical can take advantage of these high-quality poly barrels for several industrial operations like shipping, storing, and transfer.

Store Hazardous or Non-Hazardous Liquid Products

What’s more, plastic drums are manufactured using quality polyethylene materials that are of adequate strength. These plastic barrels also feature UN certified standards, regulations, as well as verified Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR) closure instructions. Thus, making the plastic containers suitable for storing and shipping hazardous or non-hazardous solid and liquid products. Above all, they will hold up for extended outdoor storage applications given UV light resistance qualities.

Waste Management

Industrial wastes are usually hazardous in nature. Hence, it is important that these wastes are carefully collected, managed, and disposed of. Plastic barrels provide the ideal way to collect and dispose of many industrial wastes. The poly drums will serve as a safe, efficient, and secure container for managing wastes. This way, the poly barrels can help prevent environmental pollution as well as other hazards.

There you have it! Above are some of the industrial uses of plastic barrels. Plastic drums perform excellently when used for several industrial operations. Whether you are storing chemicals, pharmaceutical products, hazardous products, non-hazardous solids or liquids, poly barrels are the ideal materials to use.

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