Composite Drums

Composite drums are composed of both plastic and steel to create the best of both worlds.  Usually, there is a plastic interior with a steel exterior. The inner is a blow molded plastic container made from high-density polyethylene. The polyethylene layer is surrounded by a strong outer layer of steel providing superior protection. The plastic lining is perfect for liquids that are incompatible with steel.That way it maintains the safe exterior of steel with the chemical safety and resistance of plastic drum interiors. By using Composite Drums, you get the durability and strength of a steel drum and the chemical compatibility of a polyethylene drum in a single container. We currently offer Composite Drums and Composite IBC’s.

The plastic lining helps to store liquids incompatible with steel. Composite drums can be used to store dangerous and corrosive liquids such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

With the introduction of two materials together in a manner that is difficult to create comes stricter regulations from the UN. UN regulations regarding the matter merely ensure that the barrels are up to both codes. That means it must be able to qualify for the corresponding DOT specifications for plastic and steel; these qualifications must be pertinent to what you are shipping.

Composite Drums

Our Composite drums come in 55-gallon barrels only and each barrel weighs approximately 51 pounds.

Closed Head 55 Gallon Composite Drums

Our composite drum has a 60 mil bottle and is UN-rated 6HA1/X1.6/300

The barrels are designed for harder-to-contain corrosive materials. The steel creates superior fire protection while also being great for stacking.

Composite IBC’s

Composite IBC’s or (intermediate bulk containers) come in two standard sizes: 275 and 330 gallons.

Comes with four different closure systems and multiple valve door options.

By utilizing the plastic interior and the steel exterior, you can have a long-time frame capable of holding valuable chemicals for long periods of time. Composite IBCS are manufactured with high-quality equipment and has experienced technical input during the design.


Every container that we create comes with our YBDCO guarantee of quality. We have been supplying barrels and IBCs for over 60 years and have a large group of satisfied and repeat customers. If you would like to know more about our company, products, or reach a sales representative about your needs, give us a call at (877) 721-1264!