Plastic Pails for Food Storage

How good are Plastic Pails for Food storage?

For many people in the southeast United States storing food is a great idea, especially during the summer time when there is the threat of hurricanes and natural disasters. But for people who are wanting to store food, they often ask us how good are plastic pails for food storage?

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All-Fiber Drums for Sale

Fiber Drums for Fluorescent Lamps

What are Fiber Drums

Fiber Drums are simply an assembly of drums that use countless fibers to keep them together. We offer a variety of fiber drum styles available to comply with your specific requirements. All fiber drums provided come with a wide range of inner coatings and linings those of which include polyester, aluminum, and silicone.

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Do Steel Drums Rust?

Do Steel Drums Rust? Yes. How does Rust Form?  Rust forms due to what is called a Redox reaction. Oxidation occurs while a reduction of a material occurs. When you have a stainless-steel barrel, oxidation means that more oxygen is…

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