55 Gallon Steel Drums & Steel Barrels

55 Gallon Steel Drums & Barrels for Sale

55 Gallon Steel Drums & Steel Barrels for SaleYoungstown Barrel & Drum Co. offers both closed lid and open top steel barrels and steel drums. Some common uses of steel drums is bulk storage and transport of chemicals and liquid and solid waste.  The most requested steel drum capacity is the 55 gallon drum made of steel. These barrels are better able to withstand extreme temperature from both ends of the spectrum compared to other types of barrels.

Our open top barrels come with a removable bolt or lever ring closure.  The bolt lid secures the top of the barrel and secures it so that it will prevent any leakage and spillage while these steel 55 gallon drum are in movement or transport.  Our closed top steel 55 gallon drum comes with two openings that feature a 2″ opening that is used for pouring. The second opening is about ¾” and is used to help vent the drum when filling or dispensing. Our barrels including the 55 gallon drum can be coated on the inside to resist corrosion and certain chemicals corrosion, thus increasing its reliability and its safety. Our steel barrels can be painted any exterior color desired. Most of our stock drums are painted black.

Our yellow salvage steel 55 gallon steel drums are open head barrels. These barrels made of carbon steel with a plain cover, plain body and unlined. The dimension of the steel drum is 22.50” I.D. X 34.50” I.H. and carries a weight of 49 pounds.

Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. also provides excellent accessories to help you while you use these barrels. An essential accessory for a 55 gallon drum, depending on its particular use is the Ultra – Vapor Lock that helps stops vapors from escaping when you are pour waste. Otherwise, without the Vapor Lock, these vapor escape into the atmosphere, endangering the atmosphere and the environment. Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. also provides drum lifter and tippers.

55 Gal Steel Drums & Steel Barrels

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