4 Key Things to Consider When Using Poly Drums and Barrels

4 Key Things to Consider When Using Poly Drums and Barrels

Key Things to Consider when Using Poly Drums and Barrels
Today, many industries including chemicals and pharmaceuticals use poly drums as containers for storing and transporting their products. Since the materials used for making these drums are inert and highly resistant to many corrosives, they are highly suitable for several industrial purposes.
However, to ensure that your poly drums and barrels serve you excellently, there are certain things to consider when using them. Below are some of the Key Things to Consider when Using Poly Drums and Barrels:

Nature of the Product

A very important thing to consider when using poly drums is the nature of the product. If the drums are used for liquid products, they should be well arranged and balanced on pallets. This will help avoid spillage.

Compatibility and Hazardous Material Regulations Instruction

Furthermore, the compatibility of the drums should be considered before using it. Poly barrels come with markings and Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR) closing instruction. Before using the poly barrel, be sure to verify that you follow the manufacturer’s closing instruction when shipping a haz mat. With this, you can be assured that the poly drum is suitable for such chemicals, pharmaceutical products, or other industrial products.

Label with Markings and Placards

Lastly, poly barrels and drums must be carefully labeled for easy identification and to meet HMR regulations. You must label each drum with markings and placards as mandated by the competent authority. This way, you can easily identify the type or nature of the material or hazardous substances stored in the drum. Mix-ups or accidents can be avoided.
There you have it! The above are some of the key things to consider when using poly drums and barrels. Whether you are using your poly barrels for containment, storage, or transporting any substance, safety and careful handling is very important. This way, the poly drums will serve your commercial and industrial needs for several years.
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